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SAT-7 Press Release: Understanding the present situation in Egypt

This excellent article from our CEO, Terry Ascott,¬†certainly challenges the way much of the reporting of the tragedy in the last few days has been handled by the world press. I encourage you to read it to get a better … Continue reading

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Egypt: 4,000 gather in Tahrir Square in open air worship meeting (Reposted from Wazala.org)

After all that has happened over the past year, nothing was going to deter Egyptian Christians from expressing their gratitude to God. Some 4,000 braved the bad weather, heavy rain and narrow slippery roads to spend the night before the … Continue reading

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Egypt: Millions Unite in Live Multi-Media Prayer Night (Reposted from SAT-7)

The live broadcast of a 12-hour night of worship and prayer from Egypt has helped unify millions of Christians across the Middle East and North Africa – to pray for their countries at this time of critical change in the … Continue reading

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Turmoil in North Africa & the Middle East

All through last year when we were living in Cyprus I claimed that you could hardly go a day without a news story about the Middle East & North Africa – well, that would be an understatement now. So many … Continue reading

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