Family News: Concerts, Writing Prizes, Tooth Fairy visits, etc.

I should probably get Jonny to write part of this update himself, and maybe he will do something later . . . ! This last weekend our church in Nicosia organised a Youth concert for young people in the area. This was something of a faith venture to be sure, as they had not done anything like this before – indeed, although the young people do lead worship in church once a month, they have never performed “publicly” before.


On the day, over 100 young people turned up to an amazing outdoor venue – there was a professional audio team there, lighting, a smoke machine! At the event, several people also spoke and shared their own experiences of knowing Jesus, including Gustavo Manduka, a professional footballer at one of the local teams here. Check out some of the amazing photos from the night . . .


Lizzie has also recently won an inter-school writing competition with “The Bench” her own brand of teenage-miseryfiction; we are very proud! You can read it here if you’d like to. She also produced a script for a part of Treasure Island (in the style of a musical) – Dad and brother got roped in to act and sing, not realising that this would later be shown at the school open day. The thought of Andrew singing badly with a blacked out tooth (cardboard) and hobbling along in a blanket – in front of 250 parents (many of whom are our friends) is just too disturbing to think about (No link available to the video!).

Talking of toothless people, Katie, has also had a major achievement of her own – losing her first tooth! This was greeted with immense excitement.


There’s loads more going on that you can find out about on Facebook if you follow Ellie or me – including a fun 4 day escape for me with 2 old school friends on a lads’ retreat to celebrate our 40th birthdays! Anyway – bye for now!


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