New Mobile Apps for SAT-7

In this increasingly mobile world you can now watch SAT-7 on the go with new apps for iPhone and Android devices. You can watch the channels live and also select programmes from our Video On Demand library (on YouTube).

SAT-7 iOS Apps

At the start of the year we launched version 2.0 of our iOS apps, following the introduction of Android apps in August last year. The next release is being worked on right now and will include on Electronic Programme Guide so that users can see what programmes are coming up later in the day or week. Since the new apps were launched the acquisition rate of new users had grown to an average of 350 per week although we expect that this will grow with on screen advertising on our channels. In 2013 we had about 14,000 downloads – this year I hope we will exceed 40,000 downloads.

SAT-7 app downloads 2010-2013

I mentioned that we also improved our streaming infrastructure. This included reworking all of our web pages to use adaptive streaming (so that users with good bandwidth can watch in high quality and users with low bandwidth can watch a lower quality version). We also simplified the streaming infrastructure – sending it directly from STN (our outsourced playout provider) to TULIX (our outsourced streaming provider) . . . basically cutting ourselves out of the loop!

SAT-7 Streaming Infrastructure

This has saved money, improved reliability, and increased our flexibility! It was such a massive improvement I’m struggling to remember why we didn’t do it sooner (there were some good reasons that I won’t bore you with . . . )

Throughout this year we will continue to roll out new functionality to our apps to try and bring a more interactive TV viewing experience both on the mobile device, but also as a second screen for use when watching SAT-7 on TV.

If you’re an app developer and you’d like to volunteer your services to help – let me know!

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