SAT-7 “Jesus is Risen” Flashmob Video Wins First Prize at CEVMA Film Festival – SAT-7 Press Release

** It’s hard to imagine the impact that a Christian Musical Flashmob might have in the Middle East – even in a country like Lebanon that has a relatively large Christian population. But SAT-7 did help organise one and just won an award for the video! Here’s the Press Release that SAT-7 just put out . . . **

The Christian European Visual Media Association (CEVMA) has awarded the SAT-7 “Jesus is Risen” video first prize in the music category of the 2012 Film Festival. CEVMA, a fellowship of committed Christians encouraging its members to produce high-quality media, officially announced the award on 15 September in Oberageri, Switzerland.

Filmed at Beirut’s biggest and busiest mall on Easter 2011, the film features famous singing group “The Four Knights” in a flash mob performance of the song “Jesus is Risen.” The brief Arabic language video lasts just under two minutes, but the work that went into it and its impact are immense.

The most stunning reaction was that of onlookers at Beirut City Mall at Easter, surprised to see the proclamation of Christ’s resurrection in a public space in Lebanon. Many recorded the performance on their mobile phones, and others joined in song, smiling.

Seven cameramen and four wireless microphones captured the performance, which occurred three times throughout the day. The performances were spread out over a number of hours to allow new visitors to enter the mall food court, providing real spontaneous reactions to the flash mob. Two full days of editing ensued, and film editors added English subtitles.

The YouTube clip for “Jesus is Risen” has over 500,000 views and over 800 comments, uniting people all over the world with messages of love and good will. One person shared, “I am Muslim, and I find thisreally beautiful ♥ Love to my Christian friends.” Another wrote, “Although I speak no Arabic, I’m struck by the amazing beauty of this joyful celebration. May God bless and protect the Christians of the Middle East!”

SAT-7 is a network of five Christian satellite television channels based in Cyprus and broadcasting in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish throughout 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as some 50 countries in Europe. Going live in 1996, SAT-7 is the oldest and largest Christian satellite television network operating in the Middle East. It is nonpolitical, nonpartisan and culturally sensitive, providing a platform for voices of the Christian Church in the Middle East and North Africa.

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