SAT-7 Team-building Event

About a week ago, SAT-7 had not just one team building event – but two! Archery, putting-competition, envelope sealing, climbing, stamp licking, and horse riding – can you work out which activities belonged to which events!?

Getting the team together is a really important thing to do. Unfortunately, we work in an unglamorous and strangely shaped office that does not encourage a community spirit. It is a slightly faded 60’s style office block with lots of small offices and no communal spaces . . . (I can tell I’m really selling you on it)We don’t have a cafeteria or a coffee area – and certainly no Fussball table (which is a great shame as far as I am concerned!) Consequently, a lot of people end up working in their own office all day and not really mixing with other departments unless they have a need to. I suppose we do get together to pray every day and to have a worship time once a week, but not everyone comes to those activities all the time.

So, the other week we had two team building events – one planned and the other impromptu. The spur-of-the-minute one arose because we needed to send a large mailing to the USA to many our supporters there – this time someone thought it would be a good idea to send a real letter from Cyprus with stamps and all! (not just a franking machine) to make it a bit more personal. No one however, seemed to think about how long it would take to stuff, seal-envelopes, write “USA” on each one, stick on an air-mail sticker, and add 2 stamps! 🙂 So, we appealed to the community-spirit of the team and were not disappointed: pretty much everyone turned out to help – and rather than some poor soul spending 3 days on their own doing it, the team cracked it in a couple of hours! (The lure of a fresh coffee and some biscuits seemed to help, but I wouldn’t want to take anything away from those who generously turned up!)

The second event had been planned a long time in advance – this was the official get-together for all of our Cyprus staff. We took the Friday to go to an outdoor activity centre in Limassol where in 4 teams we competed against each other in horse riding, golf (closest-to-the-pin & putting), climbing, archery, and a couple of other fun games involving blindfolds and some imaginary toxic-waste. It was a fantastic sunny day and we enjoyed being together and getting to know each other better. After our exertions we were treated to a lovely buffet and then celebrated someone’s birthday with a couple of enormous cakes. It certainly beat spending the day in the office!





It would be easy to say in these troubling financial times that activities like these are a waste of money, but the reality is that we are in a team environment – where we must work well together to put 4 channels on air 24 hours a day. When we understand each other and have fun common experiences it helps us to work better together and to remember that we are part of one body where every part has its role to play. For me, these things are a great investment in arguably our most important asset – our team; and will give a great return.

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