Family News: Concerts, Writing Prizes, Tooth Fairy visits, etc.

I should probably get Jonny to write part of this update himself, and maybe he will do something later . . . ! This last weekend our church in Nicosia organised a Youth concert for young people in the area. This was something of a faith venture to be sure, as they had not done anything like this before – indeed, although the young people do lead worship in church once a month, they have never performed “publicly” before.


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Reposted from Record Attendance at SAT-7 Conference

There was a record attendance at last week’s annual conference of SAT-7, the Middle East Christian satellite TV broadcaster.

Held for the first time in Turkey, from 26-28 March, SAT-7’s annual ‘Network’ conference attracted 250 people from 25 countries, an indication of the growing concern for the troubled Middle East region among many people around the world.


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New Mobile Apps for SAT-7

In this increasingly mobile world you can now watch SAT-7 on the go with new apps for iPhone and Android devices. You can watch the channels live and also select programmes from our Video On Demand library (on YouTube).

SAT-7 iOS Apps

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They say Faith Comes By Hearing . . .

audio_bibleThe Bible is a pretty amazing book by any standards – as a collection of historical writings, a bestseller, a book of wisdom or poetry, the revealed word of God – whatever you think it is, it’s fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, I struggle to read it at times and find puzzles within its pages, but I also find life there as well. That’s why I have been so excited about SAT-7’s recent partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) which is making the Bible available in audio form all over the world.

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2013: My year with SAT-7 In Review

2013It is still just about decent to be looking back to 2013 – although in fairness most posts like this have already been written. But as usual I seem to feel that I am a step behind most of the time – trying desperately to stay on top of things and mostly failing. However, here at least is a quick look back at 2013 from a work perspective . . .

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SAT-7 Press Release: Understanding the present situation in Egypt

photo1000This excellent article from our CEO, Terry Ascott, certainly challenges the way much of the reporting of the tragedy in the last few days has been handled by the world press. I encourage you to read it to get a better understanding of what has been going on and to help you to pray for Egypt and the Middle East.

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Living the Dream!

keep calm youre 40As many of you will know, I turned 40 yesterday, marking the start of another decade of my life. I was touched by the many good wishes I received and was also struck by the number of people who asked me with genuine concern how I felt, as if this anniversary might have troubled me in some way. It got me thinking . . .  Continue reading

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